The blogosphere has gone ugly on the Malaysian side. Self-acclaimed “Educated pro-bloggers” are popping out of the scene and threatened to sue people. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Have they got sienz (fed up) of copy and pasting everyday? or they’re just trying to show off their deep pocket of Adsense earnings?

This chow kahsoon, who blogs about Dawn Yang Naked Pictures, had threatened to sue the Rojaks.

Eh kahsoon, don’t forget hor, Everibodi lafu Rojaks. If you sue the rojaks, that mean you sue everibodi hor. We know lah, you quitted your full-timez job to the becoming of a problogger lah, no nid to mention evelitime on your blog wan, I oso can do that mah. Acherly hor, my 10-year-old cousin can earn many money than you. Just copy copy paste paste some interested videos or games and write sum brokered english and wait for the traffic to come and hopefully hor, someone will clit clit your ad banners. Nabeh, you try to fake fake Dawn Yang naked pic title, this one my cousin can oso fake fake with Xia Xue naked pic. Budden hor, he got dignity wan, he no do such ineducationated thing. Please lah, if wan sue pee-ple oso find your own size la, how can pro-blogger sue not-pro-blogger wan. If you win oso pee-ple say you kiasi.

Ok, enough said. Let’s read the parts of the “problogger”‘s mail to Rojaks.

Ugh sometimes i find it stupid because need to explain such simple things to dumb ppl like u. A waste of time. – Kahsoon

I agree with you on that one mate. It’s really a waste of time for me to post this.