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Where is this? A S&M house?
Chinese nationals ordered to do ear-squats by a Malaysian policewoman

No, this is a lockup in a Malaysian district police headquarter. I’ve never thought that this would happen in a so-called “friendly” country like this. Happen it did, to the extreme. I’m not sure about you but I think this had crossed the line, by miles.

First, the case of a lance-corporal who sued an 18-year-old girl for lodging bribery report against him. Obviously he did it, or else you think an 18-year-old had nothing better to do than lodging a report on empty grounds?

Policeman Bahrin Awang is going ahead with his suit against an 18-year-old student, saying the girl’s bribery report against him had brought suffering and insult to him and his family. – The Star

His claim is a piece of joke to me, and officer, if you think that the girl had insulted your family, think again. You’ve insulted your own dignity and professionalism by asking for bribery in the first place. Do you think you’re still qualified of making a statement like that? Sue yourself lah. It’s good that ACA is keeping an eye on losers like him.

Like I said in my earlier post, this bribery issue will not end by whatever campaigns carried out. The core problem is that the waging system is quite unfair for the Malaysian Police. Everyone need to ‘cari makan’ and if chances come, they’ll take it. Rule of life, it’s that simple.

And then recently comes another case…

The police has retaliated against the four women from China who lodged reports against the wrong-doings and corruption of police by conducting spot-checks on their private lives. Early this morning, about 7-8 uniformed policemen went to houses of the four Chinese nationals.

According to Yu Xuzhen, the first of the four to lodged complaints to police HQ and ACA, police pressed the bell of her house at about 2am while she was asleep.
When she refused to come out of the house, the police shouted her name outside the door and woke up the neighbours in her condo. – Teresa Kok

What is wrong with Chinese nationals lodging reports of wrong-doings (bribery) by the police? Do the police really have to retaliate by waking up the neighbourhood? They’re indirectly causing disorder in a community by generating unnecessary commotion in the middle of the night. Who do you think you are, acting like you’re from Bad Boys II the movie? You’re not even close ok.

We pay taxes to the government to fund your payslips, we’re literally your employer okay. And now you guys are performing so badly, we can’t complain about it? Need us show you how people in the other country react when they’re discriminated?

Who do you think you are? The government? You don’t run the country you sick bastards, and worse off, you think you can go around and order people to strip their clothes and do “ear-squats” for their actions? That “Cepat Mesra dan Betul” motto, ohhh yeah, damn quick and friendly, in suing people and stripping people off. I’m expecting the agency to track down whoever that bitch is and put her behind bars for discriminating human rights.

Our freedom of speech is at stake here, if it ever exist.

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