From a small fishing village on the Northern coast of Sarawak, to a city in 2005. It’s been a long time coming. The people had defied the hardship and odds by becoming the first ‘non-capital’ City in Malaysia. Something that Mirians took pride of.

A lot of expatriates came and left their footprints and legacy on the land of the Seahorse. They came to work for the company that shapes the city that it is today – Shell Oil Company. The booming oil and gas industry had brought tremendous wealth and fortune to the city. Infrastructures and the living conditions were upgraded.

The Grand Old Lady, while it’s still in operation in the old days.

For a handful of expatriates, they settled down here in Borneo. But for some, they left with a heavy heart. Knowing that they’ll be back here again someday. To seek the nostalgia that once were.

Marriott Resorts and Spa caters their holidays hospitality when they’re back here again.

Miri City is heavenly relaxing, and a beautiful city for life after retirement. Lay down and enjoy the sunshine.

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