I was lucky to be able to attend this year’s Miri International Jazz Festival, thanks to the free and limited, Access All Areas (excluding the media and backstage area) ticket provided by Panda.

We were there just on time to get a front row position. Just good enough for photo taking. Cut the crap and let’s jump straight to the photos.

Amar Sundy from Algeria kicked us off with his Chicago blues music.

This is Amar Sundy.

Next up, it’s Rumba Calzada from Canada.

Raphael Geronimo from the Philippines. Leader of the Rumba Calzada band.

Miguel Valdes, the tuba and trumpet player. Freshmen in the band, but very, very talented.

The lady in the middle, who got a bit drunk during the night, kept on requesting for phone sex, I mean, sex-phone. Erm, Saxophone to be exact. “I want the sex-phone!”. She even nudged me and asked why ain’t I dancing. “Move your body!!” She then got into trouble when she nudged a wrong person – an unfriendly Chinese auntie, who swore at her.

And then her wish came through when T’Inventielke from Holland went on stage and performed towards the end of the show. She went totally quiet and obedient.

The uncle in the white shirt danced like there’s no tomorrow. Totally in a world of his own. Best of all, he dance from the start till the end, non-stop. I wonder if he’s on ecstasy.

Just testing out the zoom lens. Focusing on his green wrist tag. I didn’t have that to start with :P

And Arthur from Damn Dirty Angels was there too. He was right in front the stage so I guess his pictures woulda been better than mine. We know you’ve got the guitar pick from Amar Sundy. Time to show them off, Arthur.

The night was like it’s never gonna end. With encore after encore, final song after final song. It took like 5 plays until it finally ended at 2am. It’s really getting electric towards the end of the festival and it’s a good way to end it at a climax.