This, is my first ever Google cheque since implementing their Adsense programme 5 months ago.

I felt excited for my first ever American cheque, for it is a very, very hard earned piece of paper. First, it took the cheque approximately a month to travel from Buffalo, New York, to Melbourne, Australia, via Posten Sverige AB of Sweden, and then you’ll have to wait for a few more weeks, or maybe up to a month for the cheque to clear.

My First Ever Google Cheque
No, it doesn’t end there, the bank charges you several % off your hard-earned cheque. All in all, that’s a pretty hefty process ain’t it?

I’m not sure about you guys, but I think Adsense dollars are harder to come by nowadays. Perhaps my keywords aren’t high-paying enough, or should I say, my enthusiasm on Adsense slacked off in the last few months. I’m doing less experiments and tests on placements/positioning, keyword targetting, etc.

Oh well, I gotta get down to work for the next Google cheque.