It’s the first day of Chinese New Year and worshippers flocked to Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong temple to wish for a good and prosperous year ahead. The rain didn’t stop them coming.

Sibu Tua Pek Kong Pagoda
Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong Temple Pagoda. At full glory.

Sibu Tua Pek Kong Pagoda
Chinese New Year lanterns and decorations at Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong temple.

Water flowing in from the River
Hopefully this year our economy will be rising as high as the water level tonight. The water had overflown onto the roads from the Rejang river.

Premier Hotel road flooded
Most of the town area were flooded. Not to be excluded is the notoriously flood-prone area in front of the Premier Hotel. Every Chinese New Year sure get flooded! I think during Suituapui’s years, kids were able to come out there and swim, but now with 4WDs zooming around town, they have to swim in the longkang.

McDonald's on the River
The one and only, McDonald’s on the River. Only available in Sibu. Terms and Conditions apply.

Central Road Flooded
Floods at Central Road. I wonder if the water flows into Daesim emporium and its nearby shops. The poor Fire station is flooded also, as usual.

Water level at Ferry point
WongPK and I squat on the ferry point to observe the water level while discussing on WordPress and blogs issues. It was residing a little bit, but the subsequent rainfall would not help much though.

It’s certainly been a very wet Chinese New Year and I hope the water do bring luck and fortune to us! Angpow Mari!