Finally, I made it to the medical check up appointment which I’ve postpone last time around. But to hell with that check up, I’ve spent more than 3 hours in the process. It’s a part of the process for the application of my Australian PR. Well, that’s that for a day, considering I went down to the city around 12:20pm. People here closes at around 4:30+pm. Especially those lazy koala-bear-like government employees and institutions.

Now, the reason why it took me 3 hours+ went like this. 2 days ago, I’ve made an appointment scheduled at 1:15pm today and when I reached the place, I saw a long queue. I thought my turn would be at 1:15pm sharp. Everybody’s queing. So I went up to the reception and asked about my appointment. They ordered me to follow the queue, as for all the applicants did. Well, my word, that’s a f*cking long queue of about 20+ people! Believe me, 20 people isn’t that long of a queue if it is compared to my usual encouters of queues in a bank during peak hours. But the problem is that, remember what I say, lazy-koala-bears? I stood in that queue for about 3/4 hour before I reach the registration counter. I signed a few forms, snap a shot, and they asked me to wait again.

Commercial break took 20 minutes; my name is called and I’m in. First thing off, they asked me to urinate, piss that is, into a party paper cup and pass it to a nurse. After pissing off in there, the nurse asked me to wait in a small room while I wait for other applicants to finish off their check ups. Another 20 minutes there gone. Okay, here comes the climax, I’m going to get an injection for blood sampling!!!!! I hate needles I admit that. To my surprise, the nurse was quite experienced and all I felt was the itch off the mosquito bite last night. The nurse says:”We’ll only call you if you’re HIV positive.” Shit, better hear no phone rings from then on until the reports had been received. Fast forwards to the x-ray session. I waited there for like 30 minutes for a short 10 seconds x-ray shot. How bizzare, how bizzare…

Anyway, it’s getting late into the afternoon where I went on to find a money changer to convert the rest of my foreigns. I’m outta Australians. That check up’s cost me AUD290! with 10% going to GST! Koala bear people’s got that portion! I’ve converted a total of $AmountUndisclosed. But it is believe that I can, using that money, survive the rest of my life without ever working again. Conditions Apply*. See Below.

* I’m living in Madagascar feeding off fruits from trees and fish from the rivers.
* Put the money underground and prevent it from robbery/theft by scavengers/wild animals.
* Australian dollar raise dramatically (I’m talking in the range of 500% or more) against the currency of the country in which I will reside.

Dinner time looms as I decided to enjoy some Japanese cuisine tonight. Bringing along my counterpart (see photos below). I ordered beef ramen. Not too satisfying, both taste and timing. I had to WAIT, 20 minutes again, for that below par noodle.

Word of the Day: WAIT. no more, please.

Boost Juice Bars have been my recent favorite spots in Melbourne as a crave for What are you looing at ah? Never saw lengchai before ah? You come close I'll slap your ass I tell you...I don't know why Melbourne City erect these.Stupid owner put clothes on me. I prefer Gucci though.This is a Daily Concession Ticket. I'm not eligible for this fare though. Full fare would be AUD9.50, which one would you go for? If you dare.Halo! My nem is Mousey, you can call me Mouse C or MC. I from China. My owner will write about me everyday now. Soli, my england is not veli powderfulMy Order: Sub average beef ramen. Ramen clogs together. Soup has no Beefy taste to it at all. Suspected use of Maggi Seasonings. 2 Stars out of 5.This is Melbourne Central.