OMG! I’m listed!! In fact, I’m No.9 on the list of Top 50 Most Influential Malaysian Blogs!!!! Heck, I won’t even know about the list if it’s not because of Rojaks Wingz who purposely called me to congratulate and interbiu me on this matter.

Wingz: Hello f*cker…

Me: Who are you ah? Why you call using private number?

Wingz: Why cannot use private number? Cannot call you by private number lah!?
(Listening to the voice I know it’s sohai Wingz again, always use private number one…)

Me: Mahai, usually I don’t answer private numbered calls, but I know it’s you this time so I answer, give you face already wokey!

Wingz: Actually I’m calling you to congratulate you,…
(Congratulate me? WTF?! I win lotto issit?)

Wingz: on being listed as the Top 50 Most Influenatial Malaysian Blogs, and you’re No.9! even Lim Kit Siang lost to you, and only 1 place behind

Me: What? come again? what influenza?

Wingz: How do you feel for being listed for the most influential Malaysian blog list?

Me: I don’t think my blog has any influence on the Malaysian community, I only offer 1 free WordPress template, that’s all, does that count?

Me: Tell me who did this list man, this must be a joke XD!! *Giggles*

Wingz: Oi you never read ah?

Me: Wakakakaka, I’ve seen that blog before, wokey wokey I’ma blog bout this dude, see you then!

I mean, gosh, I was quite amazed while looking at it, the list where I beat Lim Kit Siang, 5XMom (Don’t come to Sibu seeking for revenge ah, our land is very bad already, will crack somemore if you come XD), Rojaks Daily, somemore FireAngel is ranked No. 26!! Shit am I the leet or what?! But cut the crap, that fella just made that list out of Technorati rankings and slapped with an unrelevant title of “Top 50 Most Influential Malaysian Blogs”.

Lately I’ve started mapling and kinda fell in love with the game, and to conclude this post, I’ll let you guys see my picture of my expression when I received the news from Rojaks Wingz.
yau mou?