I think I owe my blog and my readers an apology for the fact that I’ve not been feeding you guys properly.

First, there was an issue with my PC. It was malfunctioning with registry crashes almost every time I reboot. I tried to fix that but to no avail, I had to reformat and reinstall Windows XP whenever that happens. That really pissed me off, and on February 10th, 2006, my primary hard drive is declared dead. It took along with it my 3 years worth of precious photos collection, movies and videos collection. Imagine losing all your photos you’ve saved over the last 3 years. Pain in the ass alright.
Dead Maxtor HDD
This hard disk had been with me since Form 4 and it’s time for it to rest in peace. BUT NOT WITH ALL MY VIDEOS AND PHOTOS YOU FREAK!!!

And then there were web projects. I’ve a client who likes my template and he decided to use it for both his and his wife’s blog.

Tech Uncut by Clay Cook
Tech Uncut is a blog about Web 2.0 businesses. Keeping most of my Fury v1.0 template, I created a new header image, changed a few icons, and removed the Japanese characters on the captions.

Time 4 Mom by Rachel Cook
Time 4 Mom is a blog about motherhood. The client requested a cartoon baby for the header image. A new color scheme is implemented to comply with the client’s requirement. End result is happily accepted.

MSN Blogger Orgy
There was this MSN Messenger orgy this afternoon that really initiated me to write again. Thanks to bloggers like Wingz tai low, lilian 5xmom, mahagurusia, helen, dSaint, for the great XXX chat!