This is the Part 2 of My Honda City‘s Audio Upgrade. Continuing the work from Part 1.

My Honda City's Audio Upgrade

Introducing the Lanzar brothers. These 2 Lanzard Heritage woofers can produces tight-ass bass at 2000watt max! I’ve actually turned the woofer inside out afterwards to let it play as subs. Photos and videos will be shown at the end of the whole project.
2 Lanzar Heritage 12-inch 1000watt subwoofer
I’ve actually left that woofer set out of the car for almost 5 months now due to its weight. Now it’s time to put it back to use before it starts to rot! :D

Boschmann Tyrant 10
10″ Boschmann Tyrant in a custom fibre box. Paint work seriously needed. These babies can produce deep bass to supplement that much needed sound pressure.

Disassemble covers
Covers and drawers are disassembled to ease installation work.

Wires coming in from the engine bay
0-gauge wires snakes in from the engine bay. Notice that Strobe-light control box.

Caliber pre-amp connections
Connections on a Caliber pre-amp. No heavy-weights here, just a cheap, simple Caliber CPE-505 pre-amp.

Amplifier Assembly Board
The amplifiers assembly board. No fancy fibreworks here. Starting from the left is Lanzar Heritage 2000w Monoblock amp, MBL 800-watt Digital Amp, and Lanzar Opti 4×400 4-channel amp. All wires are yet to be connected at this point.

Kenwood Double-din CD/Mp3 plus cassette player
This is the car’s first ever after-market headunit. The Kenwood DPX-MP4050 CD/MP3 and cassette player. It was sold last year to a customer of mine. My subsequent headunits are Sony’s GT210 and the Alpine CDE-9843 CD/Mp3 player.

I’m currently still looking for a better Alpine player, while temporarily using Pioneer DEH-6850. Its sound quality differs too much from the previous Alpine CDE-9843. Once you’ve used an Alpine, I’m sure you’ll be addicted to the crystal clear playback sound it creates, unrivaled by other major brands on the market.

That’s all for this part now, watch out for the final part soon. Videos included!