This is something that will make everyone turn their heads when it hits the road in Malaysia.

The new Toyota Alphard 2009. When Toyota says it’s new, they really mean it’s new. The design, the engine, and everything inside-out. Not some face-lift shit that Proton claimed as “new”, e.g. the Proton Waja and Proton Chancellor. A new car? Hell NO!

Toyota Alphard 2009 Front
Introducing, the new Toyota Alphard 2009! You can literally feel the wind by looking at its design. Superbly designed for optimum aerodynamics!

The all new Toyota Alphard has been officially launched in Japan and now for the first time made available in two different series, the “Alphard” series which emphasizes “elegance” and “refinement” while the “Vellfire” accentuates “power” and “innovation,” thus creating two vehicles with individual identities.

It gets a new 3.5-liter Dual VVT-i V6 engine, coupled with 6 Super ECT and the dependable 2.4-liter VVT-i engine now comes with increased output, coupled with Super CVT-i which provide driving performance with power to spare.A six-speed Sequential Shiftmatic transmission on the 3.5-liter models and a seven-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic transmission on 2.4-liter models allow the driver to enjoy a manual transmission-like sensation.

Alright now, let’s drool!
Toyota Alphard 2009 Rear
The rear lights looked like wings.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Head
Transformer like grilles.

Totoya Alphard 2009 Headlamp
Killer Eye.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Rear Boot
The back-end.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Interior
The Interior. 1 LCD monitor for each passenger. Awesome stuff.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Side Mirror
The side mirror.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Dashboard
Toyota Alphard 2009 Dashboard. Breath-taking illumination.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Cockpit
The cockpit.

Toyota Alphard 2009 Front Seat Bay
Large LCD screen in the middle for GPS, status indicators, and entertainment.

Toyota Alphard 2009 LED Lightings
Indirect LED lights and angelic neon light effects from the sides. Heaven-like!

Toyota Alphard 2009 Passenger Bay Entertainment Area
The passenger bay. Who needs a cinema anyway?

Now who wants one?