Apart from the annual flood, Sibu’s Tiong Hua Road has other hidden treasures for travellers to discover. Just ask any Siburian about the direction to Tiong Hua Road’s kompia house, I’m sure you’ll have the answer.

Tiong Hua Road
Don’t worry, it only floods during the Chinese New Year.

Store front
This is the store front. On the left hand side, a lady is talking to the store owner, an old women in her 60s, while footing the bill. The old owner is a friendly person and is nice to talk to.

Tiong Hua Road Kompia House
This is one of the the seating area of the kompia house. The floor is the same level as the road on the outside. Just observe how deep the house has sunk into the ground. Giving you the first hand experience of houses built on swampy lands of Sibu, while enjoying the famous local delicacy.

The Famous Kompia
For RM1.20, you get 2 pieces of Kompia with pork meat, otherwise, it’s 3 pieces for Kompia without pork meat.

Sour Plum with Lime Drink
Their signature drink. Sour plum with lime drink. Nicely priced at RM1. Sweet!

Is there any Siburian old enough to tell us how long has this shop existed? I take a wild guess it’s over 25 years old. No?