Kuching City is renowned for its Sarawak laksa – a popular dish of vermicelli noodle, drenched in a bowl of aromatic spicy soup base simmered of prawn heads, sambal belacan, coconut milk, herbs and spices.

Situated at Jalan Ban Hock, Choon Hui Cafe is an old-school coffee shop serving one of the best laksa’s in Kuching! It is usually fully-packed during breakfast time. Do come early if you don’t wanna wait. Otherwise though, you can get a seat in around 20-30 minutes, if you’re lucky :)

Crowd at Choon Hui Cafe
Jam-packed coffee shop with the by-standers waiting for their turn to the limited seats available.

Kuching Kolo Mee
Choon Hui Cafe serves Kolo Mee…

Kuching Popiah

Bread Toast aka Roti Kiap
Roti Kiap (Someone ate the other half)…

Half-boiled eggs
Half-boiled eggs…

Best Kuching Laksa
and of course, the laksa!

Best Kuching Laksa at Choon Hui Cafe
Fresh, juicy prawns, and tender chicken slices on top of the best laksa soup base ever!!!
*I know the coriander might be a spoiler for some of you. ;)

Choon Hui Cafe in Kuching
No, there won’t be any parking lots left if you’re here late. Best chance would be to find a parking lot near Hotel Grand Continental, or across the main road.

Choon Hui Coffee Shop Old Signage
Choon Hui Cafe was Choon Hui Coffee Shop, like 20 years ago?

Sarawak Laksa Stall RM4.00 and RM5.00
A normal bowl of laksa here costs you RM4.00. At RM5.00, you’ll get an upgrade of their prawn sizes as well as the portion. Trust me, it’s worth it if you’re a prawn fan.

Queue for Laksa
Do expect long queues here.

Kolo Mee Stall
Kuching Kolo Mee is a famous commodity here too. This stall serves fresh meat noodle, prawn noodle, fish ball noodles, and wantan.

Popiah Stall
The Popiah stall. Popiah is a type of spring roll stuffed with fillings made of mainly “Bangkuang”. The Popiah “skin” is a soft, thin paper-like crepe made of wheat flour.

Popiah Ingredients
The Popiah Ingredients – Grated Bangkuang stir-fried with grated carrots and minced meat.

The Popiah
The Popiah. I’m not a big fan of Popiah, but my wife love it very much.

After all the great food, I just had to wash it all down with their not-so-signature Milo Peng.

“Tauke” (The boss) reviewing list of uncountable orders, and of course, uncountable money…

More Moolah for him today!