Uncle Dom Cafe is the latest modern, franchise-style, Ipoh-kopitiam-themed outlet to be mushroomed in Sibu town. Of course, they don’t just serve Ipoh white coffee, they serve a fusion of Western and Eastern breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What’s great about this place is its very vintage and originally Sibu’s design and decor. You can find lots of old photos of Sibu town as the wallpaper and wall photos.

Uncle Dom Cafe banner. Look at their logo.
When you look at the mascot. What comes into your mind?

Set lunch of the day
Set lunch of the day: Salad Pork Rib rice + ABC Soup + Ice Lemon Tea/Kiwi Juice.

Outdoor dining area
Uncle Dom Cafe’s outdoor dining area.

Uncle Dom Cafe. The place to be...
“The Place to be…” I wonder if the boss were working in KFC 10 years ago? Not only the mascot/logo looked like a complete clone of the KFC Colonel’s head, but the slogan sounded like them too! Remember the line, “That’s where I want to be?”.

Upon entering the premise, this is how it looks.

Ample space
Ample space for diners. What I like about this cafe is it’s spacious dining area, and the really detailed decor they have. This is 100% not Sibu-style! In Sibu, typical kopitiam won’t even have any aircond to boot!

Look at the large landscape photo in the middle of the photo. The perspective of the photo gives a false illusion that there’s more space into the shop. Really good play with photographs as the wallpaper there!

Ipoh style breakfast
Ipoh-style kopitiam breakfast. A couple of half-boiled eggs with a cup of Ipoh white coffee.

Huge mirror.
Another depth and space creator. A HUGE mirror!

The reception counter
The reception counter.

The entrance.
The entrance.

Vintage photos
Vintage photos. Most of them are taken during the British colonization era. I still could recognize some of the location, some were taken at the Cathay cinema, some at the old airport.

Bottles of pickled veges
Bottles of Pickled fruits and veges, with descriptions of the benefits of every bottle.

Vintage cashier
A vintage cash register.

Ice lemon tea and Kiwi Juice
They tasted somewhat special, and not some ordinary Ice lemon tea.

We ordered the daily set lunch.
The pork rib set meal
Salad Pork Rib rice.

ABC Soup
ABC soup, comes in a traditional ceramic soup container. I like the vintage feeling of this shop!

ABC Soup
The soup contains white carrot, and red carrot, boiled with pork bones. I just loved this kinda soup! Easy and tasty!

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce
Chicken chop with mushroom sauce

The bill
And the bill comes to…RM22.70. Of which, RM1.08 were accounted as 5% service charges.

Vintage photo wallpaper
Don’t you just love the old and vintage photos wallpaper? All of them are taken in Sibu decades ago. Truly Sibu.

The place to be...
I declare that Uncle Dom Cafe, is the place to be…I would certainly come again.

Although I would say they still have rooms to improve on the service aspect. They really need to thoroughly train their waitresses and waiters to be more knowledgeable in the cafe’s menu, apart from their passiveness in taking orders.

Business Location:
Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A, Fortune Commercial Centre.
(The block behind Mitsu Tea House and opposite of Sushi Tie)

Business Hours:
Opens from 8:30am – 10:30pm weekdays.
7:30am – 10:30pm on weekends and public holidays.