This is my 2nd ever cheque from Nuffnang, and I know, it’s not a big amount to boast about, for everyone could get a cheque like this if you’re willing to put in the effort.

But it is still a legible pay-cheque for all the hard works I’ve done for Nuffnang. Since a couple of months ago, I’ve allocated every possible premium advertising inventory on my blog just for Nuffnang, just to see if it’s worth the go.

Well, I’ve got the answer today.

Nuffnang Cheque
Hello sexy! How do you like me to spend you?

Those are tested and proven to be the best locations you could use to maximize your earnings with Nuffnang. Before you know it, they’ll be generating over RM100/month for you! Hey, during a time like this, every extra cent I can get means the world to me! So it’s crucial to dig around and find the best spot to cash in the moolah!

The most important thing of all, Nuffnang delivers what they’ve promised to deliver. I’ve never had any problem with Nuffnang regarding payout. My last pay-cheque was spilled over by water and it was unusable. I’ve then requested them to reissue the cheque for me, although it took a bit longer, but the cheque did arrive in the end after a 2 months processing period.

As for this pay-cheque, they deliver on time as promised, without those bloody fraud click checks. The self-proclaimed “Better Advertising network company” didn’t even care to reply my cash out inquiries for more than 5 months, let alone issuing a legitimate cheque to honor my earnings. If you boss doesn’t pay your salary on time, or never even bother to pay at all, will you have the motivation to carry on working for them?

Oh well, I guess I’ve to thank Nuffnang for the extra bucks that finally I can replace my out-of-control keyboard!