If you’re looking for the answer whether the 4th generation City (2003 model) bodykit or carbon fiber hood would fit into the 3rd generation’s, here’s the comparison photo to clear the “maybe’s” and “should be’s”.

Click for larger photo.
Left circle indicates the difference in the shape of the hood. 2003 model has a straight line down towards the end while the 2006 had a small curve to allow room for the headlamp.

Right circle indicates the difference in the height of the arch. 4G has slightly taller arch than the 3G’s.

I’ve actually asked my bodykit supplier, who’s the middleman and not the manufacturer, the same question, and this is what I got in his reply.

Yes, it should fit because the way I see it, there’s not much difference between 2003 and 2006.

Yeah right. And then I’ve go on and asked a Lelong seller who sells the same exact bodykit. The answer is still the same.

It “should” fit.

I’ve to make this comparison photo just to show them that they’re not of the same shape and it doesn’t fit. Some of the nicer bodykits are only available for Honda City 4G. So I’ve to wait until they create a mould for 3G models. By the way, will have a new bodykit for my City before the end of the year. The current Mugen style is kinda out-dated already :/