Sarawak is full of unpredictable and harsh terrains, especially when you’re going off-road. Of all the other 4WDs around, Ford has just the right machine to help you tame the rough journey.

Through their “Built Tough” slogan, Ford will add an all-new model to their popular Ford Ranger series. The machine can take on any challenge you can throw at it. Going off the beaten track? Piece of cake. Wanna tow 3 tonnes of cargo? Not a problem!

So, are you up for the challenge?

I’ve just entered the Ford Malaysia Ranger Challenge for a chance to win myself the all-new Ford Ranger! Don’t just take their words for it, take the Challenge today and you might just be the lucky one!

The all-new Ford Ranger XLT.

I come from Sibu, Sarawak, a bustling town with economy powered by timber, oil palm, and shipbuilding.
Sibu was founded and developed on a swampy land and thus, the roads within the town area are mostly wavy and bumpy. We get potholes everywhere! Now that puts the Ranger’s suspension to the test.

Sibu is also prone to floods. Every year we’ve to endure at least one major flood and several less severe ones. Without a proper 4WD around, we’ll be stuck in the flood water, sometimes up to 4 feet high in low areas when the tide peaks. I believe Ford Ranger will be a life saver in that kind of situation with its best-in-class water wading up to 800mm!

Going off-road, we’ve got engineers transporting heavy service components deep into the oil palm plantations and logging zones. That requires immense towing capabilities especially through the muddy and unpredictable rough terrains.
So, I believe Ford Ranger could very well be tested right here in this part of Borneo and I sure hope it can stand the test!

Ford Malaysia will be organizing The Ford Story Roadshow across major cities in Sarawak. The roadshows schedule are as follows:

4-8 April, 2012
Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching

16-20 May 2012
Boulevard Mall, Kuching

6-10 June 2012
Star Megamall, Sibu

25-29 July, 2012
Bintang Megamall, Miri City.

5-9 Sept, 2012
Spring Mall, Kuching

Mark your schedule and be there to see the all-new Ford Ranger XLT on display before its launch middle of this year. Do follow their Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the Challenge!