Modded Cars Series: Perodua Kancil and Kelisa | Proton | Honda | Winners of the Show

I had the chance to witness the first ever car show in Miri City while I was there working for an automobile company earlier this year. The 2005 Miri Car Show was organized by some auto companies from Miri, and Brunei from over the border. It was held at a huge open car park space by the side of the Miri Indoor Stadium.

This event showcases some of the flashiest, macho-est modded cars, and also exposing some of the ugly-sides of car modding in Malaysia. Well, this is not like the western-style auto show where you can expect to see super branded race cars like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Skyline’s, Lancer’s, RX-7’s, all those from the Fast and the Furious movies type.

No, this is not it okay, this is just all the local-modded type, you know, those zhng-ed by Johny in the “Zhng My Car” show by Mr. Brown – those with shiny shiny plastic rims, titanium-colored plastic honeycombs, super-large spoilers and super-low skirtings, counterfeit Pioneer, Kenwood audio systems blasting tetno music all the way to Luak Esplanade (a Miri beach-side where modded cars will go to show off their powderful audio systems), just to name a few.

Anyway, the car show’s entries were basically categorized into three main groups of Perodua’s Kancil and Kelisa, Proton’s Wira, Iswara, Waja, Perdana and Satria, and Honda’s Civic, Integra and, Accord. Those are the most typical cars being modded in Miri and throughout Malaysia, simply because they’re more affordable by the local car-enthusiasts youngsters.

So, here goes the first in a series of four posts featuring Modded Cars in the 2005 Miri Car Show.

Modded Cars: Perodua Kancil and Kelisa

Perodua Kancil in Mini-Cooper style
Perodua Kelisa modded to be a Mini-Cooper look-alike. Still a long way to go on its colorings though. The Kancil on the right had nothing to show other than some low skirtings and shiny rims.

Bizarre art on Kancil
Some freaky bizarre arts on a white Kancil.

Blue Kancil with audio powered by Pegagus
A blue Kancil with its back stuffed with tweeters and big-ass woofers. Audio systems powered by Pegasus.

Chameleon Skinned Kancil
Not much zhng’s to these Kancils, but the one on the right has its chameleon (special effect paint coatings that changes colors on different angles) skin to show off. I’ll have more of those on other cars coming in my next post.

Sissy mods to Kancil
This Kancil here looks like it had been zhng-ed by XiaXue. Actually, all the cars in the show were like being zhng-ed by her cause they all looked somewhat, snowy…