When it’s raining, get under an umbrella. This is yet another fine dining place popping up like mushrooms after the rain.

This is Payung Cafe @ Lanang Road. It’s a few blocks before Fat Mum Restaurant if you’re going from Upper Lanang towards the town area.

Payung Cafe
This is Payung Cafe from the outside.

The menu
The typical, laminated menu.

The drink
Mango Milk Shake @ RM5. Tasted okay, but adding some mango bits would certainly boost the taste.

Springroll with rice

Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice. Lots of bones and the chicken is tasteless.

Pamelo salad
Pamelo Salad, Thai style.

Guava salad
Guava Salad, Thai Style.

I’ve to say their Thai style salads taste great. Probably the best dishes of the night.

Not to be mistaken with the Little Umbrella Cafe (Xiao Yu Shan) at the end Brooke Drive, this Payung Cafe is located at a shoplot beside shipyards and timber yards along the Lanang Road, a few blocks away from the Fat Mom Restaurant. They serve mainly exotic Asian dishes and some western dishes. It’s not easy to spot, if you need directions, please contact me!