I bet you’ve seen and stole a lot of plants off from farms and barns on the Facebook. But have you seen the real world version of Barn Buddy, Farm Town, Farmville and all?

Well, let me bring you to this quiet little Bintangor town of Borneo Sarawak (30 minutes drive from Sibu town) to witness part of the largest crop fields in the state.

Plowed Land
Plowed land ready for planting.

Plowed Land
This will be used for corn plantations.

Farm boy
Farm Boy: “Hello, do you have any work for me? I can help plow your land.”

Corn crop
Corn crops testing area.

Farm Tractor
Farm tractor.

Farm Machineries
Farm machineries.

Farm Tractor
This is use for land plowing.

Farm Tractors
More farm tractors.

Water Sprayer
Elephant brand water sprayer.

The Rain Maker
The Rain Maker.

Irrigation system
Irrigation system, ensuring sufficient water flows through all the plantations.

Farm dogs
Farm supervisor and his dogs. Hunting for something there.

Iguana Caught
Catch of the day: Iguana.

Iguana on hand
Got it by its tail, almost bit his *toot* though…

Pineapple Trail
The pineapple trail.

Baby pineapple.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potato plantations.

Shoots plant
Water bamboo shoots

Barley seeds
Barley seeds. The Borneo indigenous variety of barley is much more tasty than those Western barleys, and it has a scent of herbal fragrance as well.

Baby Barley
Baby barley plantations.

Barley Crops
Barley crops.

Corn seeds packing
Corn seeds originating from Thailand.

Fruit Stall by the roadside
This is not at the farm anymore, but on the way back from Bintangor to Sibu, you can find many of these stalls selling local fruits usually grown at their own backyard.

Dragon fruit
Dragon fruits.

Chinese Mandarin
Chinese Mandarin.





Alright now, go back to Facebook and steal some more fruits.