Madurodam is a park filled with miniature peoples and buildings.

If you’re lazy to travel around Holland, you could just come here and see all the famous buildings and places in this country. Cool eh?
Baby Attack!
Madurodam is situated in Den Haag (The Hague) city, Netherlands.

And they even feature Malaysia Airlines Boeing-747 in their mini Schipol International Airport!
MAS Boeing 747

If you wonder how does the park look like from the sky, here’s Google Sighseeing’s shot.
Madurodam from the Sky

Windmills turn, tour boats move down canals, fire-fighters are extinguishing a fire in the harbour, modern trains traverse the city on the world’s largest miniature railway. The modernised shop has an extensive range of typical Dutch products and surprising souvenirs. A visit to nearby Scheveningen Beach, the various museums in the immediate vicinity, can be combined easily with a visit to Madurodam.