I went on a food hunt trip to Sarikei a couple of days ago. On the day the fuel was 40 cents cheaper than it was 2 months ago, the car was refuel-ed to the max and off we go to Sarikei, in search of the great Sarikei’s Asam Tom Yam Prawn Noodle.

Road sign to Sarikei
Approximately an hour later, we found ourselves at the Saratok-Sarikei junction. Turn right to go to Sarikei with 9 more km to go. Jakar Rest Stop will be our next stop!

Welcome to Sarikei
You won’t miss the welcome sign!

Sarikei town
Welcome to downtown Sarikei!

Hiek Lik Cafe in Sarikei
Mirians might be familiar with this coffee shop’s name. Ya, the one just opposite of Boulevard Shopping Complex. It even has its own motel in Sarikei! I heard they’re of the same business proprietor.

Paris Hotel, Sarikei
Paris Hilton was here okay? Don’t play play.

So what brings me to Sarikei this time around?

Glory Cafe
Glory Cafe’s Asam Tom Yam Prawn noodle. Highly recommended by a few prominent bloggers in Sibu, I’ve gotta go taste it for myself. For something that costs RM14 a bowl, it better be good.

Kampua Stall Uncle
This is the typical kampua stall, guaranteed to be in every kopitiam (coffee shop) throughout Sibu and Sarikei. But we’re not here for that. Maybe next time, uncle.

Lime juice
As usual, the drink comes first. We ordered “San suan” (Three sour), a type of drink with combination of 3 acidic fruits, lemon, lime, and pickled salty plum. Good for washing away those fats after heavy meals :)

Glory Cafe's Asam Tom Yam Prawn Noodle
The tom yam soup (gravy?) is perfectly cooked with the essence of prawns, lemon-grass, tomatoes, onions, and a pinch of lime to enhance the flavor.

The Prawn
Generous portion of the River shrimp (Udang galah), sliced in half for easy consumption. Do handle with care if you’re wearing bright garments as the prawn juice will spill all over you, literally. But it is almost impossible to prevent even with extra precautions. Prevention is better than cure, so wear dark next time you’re here.

The Noodle
The tangy egg noodle.

and after a few moments…

Done Business
We’re done. I’m sorry but I’ve to say this classic travel lines, if you haven’t tried this dish from Glory Cafe, then you haven’t been to Sarikei yet!

Oh ya, next stop will be Jakar Rest Stop. Stay tuned!