If you’re in Sibu and you’re looking for something different, other than those same old coffee shops, you can actually take a ride to the Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sibu.

No, I’m not asking you to worship the Gods, but right beside the temple, there’s a block of revamped building that houses Sibu’s finest lounge and cafe. The lounge is located at Jalan Chew Geok Lin. The once antique building looks great now after major refurbishment works.
The Location
The building is owned by Wah Tat Holdings. The lounge is closed in the morning, nothing’s happening there during daytime…but when the sun goes down…

The Queen Lounge and Cafe
Welcome to the Queen Lounge and Cafe!

Cafe Cafe
Cafe Cafe, a fusion restaurant right beside the Lounge. Next to Cafe cafe, there’s Mari Mari interior decor and furniture shop. All of these businesses share the same owners – Peter and Ah Tung.

In the Lounge
If you want a cozy, air-conditioned environment, you can take a seat in the Lounge.

Open air area
This is the open air area, so if you opt to smoke, or you just want to smell the river breeze (or haze as of now – Aug, 2009) you can sit on the outside instead.

The stage
The stage where singers perform. The lounge have a group of very talented singers and I reckon they’re qualified for an album contract! So, talent scouts, this is your spot if you want local talents!

I like the mixture of modern cum antique decorations in the lounge. There’s a medieval sense surrounding the place.

Social table
They even have a long table with chairs and glasses from the Imperialism age, and the corner lamp that light up the floral wallpapers. First impression, this is where a Mafia gang holds their meeting.

The Queen Menu
The menu for the Queen.

The reception
The reception area with two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Vintage!

Candle in the Glass
Candle in the glass.

Dim Light
Dim light.

More decors.

Beers in the Fridge
Beers on displays in the cabinet chiller.

Beers anyone?

Nothing beats a beer at the Queen after a hectic day of work. Cheers everyone!