There’s really a lot to see and experience in Bangkok, the “dense, corrupted and dirty” metropolitan. (as described in Bangkok Dangerous, the movie).

It wasn’t that dangerous when I was there, maybe Nicolas Cage wasn’t there, I suppose.

So here I am in Suk 11, the place to stay if you wanna experience authentic Thai village culture, budget style.
Reception @ Suk 11
This is the reception area, filled with vintage and old Thai artwork. It’s Halloween by the way! If you’re observant enough, try to read the notice on the top. ^^

Staircase to the Rooms
The staircase to the rooms upstairs. The Sleeping Buddha welcomes you.

The Lobby
The lobby area as viewed from above. The place is always fully booked, so do book in advance if you’re planning to stay here. Some of them are even on waiting list. This is like the first choice for all backpackers to Bangkok so you’ve gotta book early!

Table at the Lobby
This is the view from the table at the lobby. All the classic Thai art pieces you can get!

Visa accepted
Visa is accepted here! But if you book online, you’ll need to pay for the first night and it’s non-refundable.

Kite at the Lobby
Kite on the wall. You can leave you signatures here, the wall act as a guestbook. If you’re good enough, you can even draw graffiti on it!

Checkout keys
Drop your keys here when you’re checking out.

Walkways to the Rooms
Walkways to the rooms.

Living room
Living room. This guy had been watching the TV for 5 straight hours non-stop.

Walkways made of wood, resembling Thai village houses.

Breakfast notice
Breakfast should be consumed in the lobby area only. The hostel practice strict rules to ensure safety and cleanliness. They won’t tolerate sex tourists, and you can’t eat in your room.

The breakfast
This is what they have for breakfast. Breads, muffins, papaya and pineapples. Tea and coffee is ready at self service. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Suk 11 Walkway
If you’re bored staying in the room, get down and take a stroll at night along the Suk 11 Walkway. There are art works on display/sale. There’s British lounge/bar along the same building where you can sit back and watch football. Suk 11 has a health spa and restaurant right beside the hostel, I’m thinking they’re of the same proprietor.

Many leave great feedbacks for this Suk 11 hostel. Honestly, I totally love the experience here but for one thing – the receptionist. To my surprise, the business owners, they tend be friendlier and more helpful to Caucasians than Asians. The employees were fine though. Overall, it was still a great experience at Suk 11. No harm done!

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