BBC’s Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson bought a £4842 Perodua Kelisa for the show; topped with only one day insurance, let’s see what he did to the brand new car.

He hammered it, pulled it apart, and then detonated 4 dynamites under the car. Rendering it a worthless and useless piece of junk. Here is one of his critical quotes in the show about the car.
Perodua Kelisa Trashed

“It’s just built with no soul, no flair, no passion. It’s like a fridge or washing machine.”

For more, please watch the video below.

I think he should direct this episode of the show to the designers at Daihatsu rather than Perodua. Well, Perodua borrowed their design in a partnership deal.

But then, I’m afraid that I’ve to agree with Mr. Clarkson claiming that the Malaysian car manufacturer as being a corporation that simply wanted to make money. We’ll never gonna see new innovations rolling out of the Malaysian automobile scene if this trend continues.

Spot the Difference: Proton Waja and the “All-New” Proton Chancellor

Spot the difference between a Proton Waja and a Proton Chancellor
Now, Proton has come up with a new car, as you all might have known. But before I get serious, let’s play a little “Spot the Difference” game courtesy of Proton, shall we? This is a pretty tough one to beat. But I’ve got the answers nonetheless. Thanks again to Proton.

So, you’ve spotted the difference? Yeah, its rear being longer than the Waja, and yeah, the rims on the all-new Chancellor have 9 spikes and the Waja have only 6. Get your little brothers and sisters to spot the difference, too! and do tell me if you guys could find more. Thanks in advance! Both cars would be fine to zip around and check out Sanibel Island real estate with, but really there’s very little difference to justify the higher price tag.

Seriously, I think this is a joke. Having the exact exterior of a Waja but a few inches longer, branding it “all-new” and slapped a higher price tag for a different name on the same old car. This is pure Malaysia Boleh style joke.

Now that’s innovation, the Malaysian way.