Thinking about a holiday next year? Get your hands dirty now on the super jam-packed AirAsia website now. If you’re trying to book a ticket now, be prepared to get timeout response from their website as everyone is playing jackpot slot machine on the travel dates for Zero Fare.

Say No to Fuel Surcharge every time you’re flying with AirAsia and AirAsia X. We’re taking the load off your shoulders so you won’t have to worry about Fuel Surcharge. From 11 November 2008 onwards, only pay for the air fare, administration fee and airport tax on all AirAsia and AirAsia X flights. –

To my disappointment, AirAsia website is not built to handle their immense promotion response, I repeat, their website is NOT ready for a promo. sales! I can hardly get a ticket done at the time of posting. Getting time-out when “jackpotting” for a free ticket.

The experience is not healthy, at one side, you’re trying so hard to get the Zero Fare, which is limited, and then you get a Bad server request after you’ve selected the date. Worrying you’ll miss the free ticket on that date, you hit the “Back” button, it takes forever to load. Then, you found out that the free ticket is gone.

What to do? You hit the slot machine again for the free ticket of course, only to find out that the slot machine keeps on spinning and spinning, and spinning and spinning and spinning….

Even when the date is set, you’ll have a hard time getting a payment done and worrying about double payments. End up I’ve to resort to using the Direct debit, which thankfully, turned out fine.

So, Mr. Tony Fernandez, please, get a better server so we all can say, Now Everyone can Book Online Faster, cause not everyone can fly if we can’t get a ticket booked, right?