After a year and a month, had finally joined the elites with a PR6 ranking. Million thanks to all of you who had supported and followed my blog all these while. I didn’t know I got PR6-ed until hamsup Wingz taikor told me earlier this afternoon. So I went down to to do a checkup on my blog, and this showed up. is PR6
PR6 ranking revealed courtesy of the free service at

I know I haven’t been doing much updates since coming back from Melbourne, and yet the PR still racked up. Mostly it’s due to the the popularity of my Alexified™ theme, and a few other blog posts, too. Yet, I’ve to admit I haven’t got the time to improve on my theme. Gotta organize my time more appropriately so I could get my blog back on track again.

By the way wei, you guys wanna get PR6? Try this!
Thank you GravitizerOrgasmmmm!!!
Coz I’ve got my PR6 with the help of this magic stool!!! (Try Google ‘The Gravitizer’) Kakakakakaka. If this magic stool still can’t get you enough orgasm, then it’ll give you more orgasm by giving you PR6!!!

Ok alright, I know the above jokes should belong to Rojaks Daily and does not endorse nor be responsible for any inconvenience cause. Thank you. Bye.