This is a 18-sx post. If you’re under 18, please skip this post now and read my other posts k? Also, this is Not Safe For Work, too! But since it’s Saturday night, who’s in the office anyway?!

I’ve just received the news from one of my friends in Melbourne. If you all have been watching this Taiwanese show called Wo Ai Hei Se Hui (我愛黑澀會) hosted by Blackie (黑人), then you should know this girl.
Hei Se Hui Mei Mei
Hei Se Hui Cutie 容瑄.

The news had it that she stored her photos online in a private album and had it password protected. But then the photo leaked after some hackers got their hands on her password and downloaded the private album.

This is another classic example of why NOT to publish your intimate photos on the Internet, whether it’s password protected or not, cause at the end of the day, hackers will almost certainly get their hands on your assets. Until then, there will be no turning back for your photos.

Below this is an 18-sx news. Don’t continue if you’re not yet 18.

More on the news in Chinese:
黑涩会美眉裸照外流 与男友床上裸拥自拍 –