While the couple is halfway enjoying their humping, the mom spotted them and approached them furiously.

The couple didn’t stop because they were reaching climax. The infuriated mom grabbed a wooden stick nearby and poised to whack the guy.

She whacked him on the head with full force.

There’s seemingly no effect to the guy, they both continued their bold sex drama. The mom threw away the stick.

2 kids passed by on their bike and had a glimpse of the live show.

The mom opted to punch him instead.

and then slapped him on is face, but the guy wasn’t gonna give up.

The helpless mom gave up and let her bitch continue. The kids swarmed and watch the live show, illegally.

The end.

P/s: The “mom”/female dog owner actually came back with a bigger stick and whacked the hell out of the guy and they let lose. I’m not sure, but I think she should’ve hit the bitch instead because it’s the one who’s responsible for the male dog getting stuck “in there”, cause female dogs tends to grip on tight to the male’s penis, ain’t it? no? Any vet expert could explain this?