The gravitizer
Take a look at this thing here. What’s on your mind? A stool with a hole for the disabled? A stool for the fishers?

Before you proceed further, I would like to remind you all that this is a “Not Safe For Work” post. Anyone under 18 are advised to leave and watch Nicklelodeon instead.

How? Got your answer yet? No? How bout some hints?

The Gravitizer can be used as this…
The Gravitizer - Hint No.1

It can also be used like this…
The Gravitizer - Hint No.2

Like this also can!
The Gravitizer - Hint No.3

or even better, give and take style!
The Gravitizer - Hint No.4

Fuah!! Introducing, the biggest news in adult toy industry since the vibrator! and it’s voted the best sex toys of 2006 would you believe!

Now, “Where the F*** can I get this toy!?!!”

I’m gonna be selling this product soon! E-mail me for more information!