Have you ever been to a restaurant where you’ve ordered 2 (Two) plates of Penang Char Kueh Tiaw but ended up only 1 (One) served, somemore without the si ham that you loved so much. Worse to come is, you’ll still have to pay for the TWO platers. I bet if that happens, you’ll swore not to come back to the same restaurant again.

Kueh Tiaw at its best
What you’ve ordered. See those huge prawns and si hams?

What we're getting
What we’ve got. Small portion of left over kueh tiaw. Damn!
Photos credit to cooknengr2

This is what’s happening with Streamyx now. We subscribed for the RM88/month, 1.5Mbps package, but what we really get is the 512Kbps package that only costs RM66/month.

Back to the Penang Char Kuey Tiaw case, it doesn’t seems like a big deal because there are literally hundreds of restaurants out there and you can always go to the other ones. In contrast, we only have 1 (One) Broadband provider here in Malaysia, or rather, Sarawak. (the others are not here yet in Sarawak, so that’s why I’m complaining), and that’s a big deal. You don’t have any choices, and if you wanna surf fast, play DOTA and don’t get fucked up by crazy lags, the best connection we can get is still that lame Streamyx narrowband.

When the broadband is narrowed, corporate users suffer losses due to the inefficient data delivery. Who is to pay for the potential losses? The user. And then when we tried to call for support, their “friendly” help desk assistant will firstly remind you to check your latest bill if you’ve bills that are due. Worst is, TM will immediately suspend your account if you’ve failed to pay their bills on time, not even 1 minute is compromised. The cost of reconnecting, or simply, to click on the un-suspend button on their side of the system, costs RM10. Bloody hell that costs me 1 day worth of meals.

If only they’re as fast to improve their clogged network of infrastructures as suspending accounts would TMnet be a much better broadband provider to be relied on. This conversation took place last week as my Streamyx suddenly fails to connect.

Support: Hello, good afternoon how may I assist you?
Me: Yeah, my Streamyx’s not connecting.
Support: Oh, let me verify your account, can I have your username please,
Me: xxxxxx
Support: And your phone number?
Me: 086-33xx33
Support: Thanks for the verification.
Support: Now you’re saying that you can’t connect to your Streamyx? Let me see, it says here that you’re account is currently active (means not suspended and can still be used).
Support: Let me check your station.

(10 seconds later)

Support: It’s active and up.
Me: But it’s not connecting here even after I’ve restarted my modem and I’ve tried that many times.
Support: Is the DSL indicator on? or blinking?
Me: It is, but the Internet isn’t.
Support: What modem are you using?
Me: Aztech Wireless router modem.
Support: Okay, restart the modem now, and wait for the DSL light to stable.
Me: (Cibai, didn’t I told you that I’ve tried that many times before?!!) Okay, restarting now. (I didn’t do it actually I was just pretending I’m doing it.)…DSL light is now on and stable, but still the Internet isn’t connecting.

And then my customer came into my office, I told the support guy that I’ll call back later, which I didn’t.

That evening, I had my someone in Miri to login onto my account via TMnet’s website and magically, my Streamyx here in Bintulu is connected, when she logs off, the connection got disconnected. I proceed online to pay the bill which wasn’t overdue yet then and the connection came back on again. Do they really have to do this? I remember it wasn’t that strict back then. Payment is pretty strictly controlled, but never the service efficiency.

Die, long time no blog sekali write again sure got something bad happen one! Actually this one I wrote a long time ago but not yet finish but lately got similar stuff happen again so cannot tahan liao, must continue and finish it!